Swirly Spoons

Canadian made stainless steel and beaded serving-ware

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EST. 2003

The Swirly Spoons Frenzy.

Swirly Spoons is the original and proudly Canadian name behind the home-made, stainless steel and beaded serving-ware. This phenomenon has had women across the country taking home almost 'everything but the kitchen sink' since 2003! These individually hand-crafted, stainless steel, wire, and beaded serving-ware pieces are tested for a year before going into production, and have become the guaranteed sold-out hit at craft shows and markets across the country!

Must have items

Appetizer Spoons

Brand new to the Swirly line up for fall 2016, these wonderful beaded spoons are great for when you need to stir your favorite treat or drink.

Candy/Nut Scoop

The perfect size handful for any type of candy or nut which will also help to keep your treats germ free and beautifully presented.

Coffee Scoop

Small enough to fit inside your canister means that you will never have to go looking for the beauty in the morning ever again.

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2018 collection

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